Command Course

Eight (8) Weeks

The Command Course is an eight (8) week, residential course for deputy superintendents and superintendents, and other law enforcement personnel functioning at similar levels. This course has a regional focus and is offered to counterpart English speaking forces/services across CARICOM. Course Summary The Command Course is organized around the following five (5) modules:

  • Module 1. Personal Effectiveness for Managers
  • Module 2. Leadership and Change Management
  • Module 3. The National Security Environment and Strategies in
  • Crime Management
  • Module 4. Divisional Command
  • Module 5 Managing Operations, Major Events and Critical Incidents.

Learning Outcomes

  • Enhanced awareness of and skills necessary to function as
  • effective law enforcement commanders
  • Sharpened ability to apply leadership and management theory to analyzing and generating solutions to organizational, community and regional security challenges
  • Improved planning and strategic management skills to support the achievement of organizational objectives
  • Broadened scope of knowledge about and application of crime management strategies and techniques, especially in relation to transnational organized crime
  • Demonstrate greater capability in the management of operations, planned events and critical incidents.
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